Furnished Office Spaces in New York City?

furnished office space in newyork city

Are you planning to hire furnished office space in New York City? There are plenty of options when it comes to finding furnished office space in NYC. Almost all the office spaces here have premium furnishings and best-in-class services. It is tough to shortlist a few of them.

Five top workspace options in New York City

We have shortlisted the five best workspace options that could be an ideal fit according to your requirements. Here are some of these options:

1. Avenue of the America, New York City

It is a 40,000 square foot corporate facility with 115 modernly-furnished offices and spacious, collaborative team rooms. There are two floors in this building and the breakout area and lounge space are remarkably large. There is a fully stocked kitchen/pantry, private washrooms, and a copy/fax center.

The magnificent lobby of this fully furnished office will give a premium experience to your clients and visitors. Near the building, there is a location known as the fisher park which will provide you moments of peace and serenity in between all the hustle.

2. Morris Turnpike, Short Hills

With best-in-class services and world-class amenities, you won’t find a more furnished and productive workspace in the entire New York City. The shared workspaces will boost the collaborative efforts of your team.

The location is also easily accessible by car and public transportation which will be a big advantage for your employees. From cleaning and security to maintenance and telecoms, you will get all the facilities possible.

3. River Street, Hoboken

This high-quality premium and exquisitely furnished office space in NYC offers very high-level services. The workspace structure is very diverse and allows interaction between different employees. There is also a facility for extensive team rooms so that employees can collaborate for a creative brainstorming session.

There is also a receptionist who will interact with your visitors. There are also several events arranged such as quarterly client appreciation, mass networking monthly events, etc.

4. Penn Plaza, Chelsea

If you need an executive office space in the heart of New York, this is just the perfect space for you. It has modern and aesthetic fully furnished rooms with spacious meeting and conference rooms.

The internet service and network access in this area are high quality. The lounge area is huge and has a very relaxing vibe. You will also get access to professional and friendly reception services and 24-hour security.

5. Church Street, Tribeca

This 21-story premium business property is one of the leading corporate buildings. The working environment here is very professional, and the technical services are state-of-the-art.

The staff is also extremely well trained and experienced. The meeting and conference rooms are huge and fully furnished. You will also get specialized technical support from various staff.

In this list, we already have covered the best options of furnished office space in NYC for you. You can explore more about these options to see what perfectly fits your requirements.

Commercial Spaces To Lease In Stamford, CT

Commercial Spaces To Lease In Stamford, CT

Are you looking for your perfect office location in Stamford? In a place like this, you will get access to several options suited to your commercial needs. However, having as many options can be confusing, making it challenging to finalize a decision. Therefore, we’ve listed the five best options in Commercial Real Estate for Lease in Stamford CT. 

Top five affordable office spaces in Stamford

The countless options of office spaces in Stamford can be overwhelming at times. So we have shortlisted the top five options for you.

1. One Stamford Plaza

This corporate building is equipped with posh city amenities and surrounded by multiple headquarters.

There is also a town center only a few steps from the office where you can continue your post-work activities. The workspace offers are a list of services such as mail handling, receptionist, kitchen, business lounge, cleaning etc.

2. Southfield Avenue

It is one of the most stylish and premium commercial estates for lease in Stamford CT. It is only a few minutes’ drive to the Stamford Metro-North Station, New York City, Manhattan, etc.

You can enjoy access to the best shopping and dining experiences and everything in between. Whether you are looking for a permanent office for your business or just a short team lease, this office space is a perfect one for you. You will get conference room services, a common area with a cafe, and all world-class amenities.

3. Canal St

This office space is in the Harbor Point district at 700 Canal Street. It is a co-working space with many facilities like private offices, dedicated work-stations, team rooms, event space, lab coffee, etc.

The commute is also convenient with access to continuous shuttle services to and from the Stamford Train Station. You can also enjoy services like conference space, fax services, high-speed internet, reception, photocopying, etc.

4. Stamford

If you have a small business searching for the perfect location to work from at an affordable price, the office spaces in Downtown Stamford, CT are the perfect fit for you. You will get access to several facilities such as onsite parking for employees and visitors, free shuttle services, etc.

There are unlimited amenities like complimentary coffee and tea, wireless internet, meeting equipment like speakerphone, whiteboard, etc. You will also get discounts on conference rooms, personalized live greetings, a community kitchen with all essentials, etc.

5. Six Landmark Square

It is a centrally located Business Center in downtown Stamford, Connecticut. Your employees will love the contemporary, fully furnished office spaces with additional lounge areas, well-equipped conference rooms, etc.

At an 11 minute walk from the office, River Mile is a perfect location to take a break and rejuvenate for your employees. Metro-North is a 10-minute walk from here which can be a great spot for your employees to enjoy lunch.

Now that you have a fair idea of the best Commercial real estate for lease in Stamford CT, you can explore your options from a better perspective.

Commercial Real Estate in Manhattan

Commercial Real Estate in Manhattan

Whether you want to buy or sell, it’s critical to understand the commercial real estate trends in NYC. The business real estate market differs from the seasonal residential real estate market. The commercial market in New York remains strong throughout the year, with only a slight slowdown during the holiday season.

Commercial real estate trends in Manhattan 2022

We have thoroughly studied the latest trends of the market. Here’s what’s going on in Commercial real estate in Manhattan and what it means for you in 2022:

1. Property values

Commercial real estate in Manhattan has a reputation for high-end properties, but they have been priced lower than usual in recent years. This transition has occurred due to the 1031 tax policy, which permits people to defer capital gains on real estate investments provided they invest in a new commercial transaction within 45 days.

When looking for property to support, it is critical to get the advice of reality advisers. They can easily lead you through tax codes and similar things that require their experience.

2. Shoppers are becoming more knowledgeable.

Several issues must be resolved between buyers and sellers before the contract can be signed. Most purchasers these days conduct their research and investigation before signing a deal.

No building is perfect, and so it is critical to determine everything wrong with the property before making a final selection. This essential step is frequently ignored while selecting an office space during a booming period.

3. Retailers are attempting to create memorable customer experiences.

Many retailers seek novel ways to entice customers to return to their businesses. The expanding internet retail business necessitates this. Because of the competitive eCommerce business, some of the largest companies have opened retail outlets around New York City.

When negotiating arrangements for huge retail spaces, these traditional online companies should exercise caution. It is necessary to follow the help of commercial real estate brokers for tasks such as negotiations.

4. Rates of interest

The Federal Reserve has declared that interest rates would be raised by a quarter percentage point. Since the presidential election, the Treasury has risen by more than 50 basis points. It is now about 2.5 per cent higher than before the rate hike.

The new rates may incentivize lenders and borrowers who may become more cautious. Higher interest rates also indicate that the economy is functioning well, which is a good indicator for NYC’s real estate markets.

5. Low rates of capitalization

Many Manhattan properties are being purchased at low capitalization rates. If interest rates continue to rise, this analysis by commercial real estate colleagues may be tempered. However, as previously said, there is a high demand for commercial property vs supply, which is likely to maintain the market lively and competitive shortly.

Now that you know the market trends in the Commercial real estate in Manhattan, it will be easier for you to figure out the best properties. So go ahead and explore the various property options.

Commercial Property in New York?

NYC Commercial property

Are you planning to purchase a commercial property to run your own business? It is critical to evaluate a few factors before making a purchase. You have to carefully review all the properties before you make a decision.

Steps to follow before buying a commercial property in Brooklyn

What if we give you the perfect strategy to search for a commercial property for sale in Brooklyn, NY? Here are six critical aspects to consider when purchasing commercial real estate to make your life easier:

1. Examine the Neighborhood Location

Certain regions may be more affected by the economic slump than others. A commercial property provides profits through two channels: rent and capital appreciation. Both of which are significantly influenced by their surroundings. You also need to check functional connectivity via road, rail, or water transport which is essential to running the business successfully.

2. Conduct Extensive Research

The most important aspect of the process is researching the property. As you investigate long-term expectations for the area in which you see the property, consider whether there is anything that may help or impede property values in the future. A substantial amount of time spent finding the ideal location for your new business is a good investment.

3. Accessibility

While finalizing the commercial property, user-friendly services such as parking, lifts, security, and so on must also be carefully considered. Something as simple as a parking space is easily overlooked. Check if the property is near a public transportation hub, such as a train station or a bus stop, so that there are options for employees to commute to work. However, if you buy a property in an out-of-town area, a parking lot is a significant asset – not just for your employees but also for the clients who visit.

4. Maintain a realistic perspective

Expecting too much too quickly, especially with something as crucial as business property, is not correct. Approach it from a business standpoint to avoid falling into the trap. When purchasing a business property, the best strategy is to be informed of how you will finance your acquisition. Diligently research the market and be patient. Be aware of the opportunities, but also be prepared to seize them and reap the benefits.

5. Keep an eye out for hidden fees

Almost all properties have hidden costs, which include the costs of running and maintaining the property. These future expenditures must be assessed and negotiated in advance in the “contract.”

6. Litigation Issues

Your commercial property should be free of any previous or ongoing litigation. Suppose any litigation is discovered on the property you are willing to buy. In that case, you can renegotiate or, if required, walk away from the transaction.

To buy a commercial property for sale in Brooklyn, NY, you need to put in the time and effort necessary to comprehend commercial property investing. Just keep all these points in mind, and if in doubt, seek an expert.

Residential Real Estate in New York City?

Residential Real Estate in NewYork City

Are you planning to buy a home in New York City? It can be quite an expensive affair, but the limelight of this city makes it worth the price. The city has so many exquisite locations that anyone will love. We have shortlisted some of the best locations for you to buy residential real estate in NYC. 

Check out these top 5 locations in New York City

There are so many great options when it comes to choosing a good location. Some of the best locations in this city to buy residential real estate are:

1. Dumbo, Brooklyn

It is one of the top ten buyer locations in New York City. The waterfront views of Manhattan and one-of-a-kind converted warehouses make it a favorite location of Millenials. Residents can enjoy subway access to Lower Manhattan or take the bike, ferry, or drive.

2. Forest Hills, Queens

If you want to enjoy a serene and peaceful living away from the hustle-bustle of Manhattan and Brooklyn, this is your place. Filled with rustic streets and spacious Tudor-style houses this location has an unmatched rustic charm.

As a resident, you will also enjoy access to NYC amenities and other diverse cultures. Be it driving to work or walking your kids to school, you will love how calming this place is.

3. Greenwich Village, Manhattan

It is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing residential real estate in NYC. Filled with pretty streets and townhomes, restaurants, shops, big schools- this location has every possible facility.

This area is also culturally and historically rich and is home to many young professionals due to its booming nightlife. But you need to have a comparatively higher budget to own a home in this area.

4. West Chelsea, Manhattan

It is one of the most trending and hyped locations in New York booming with nightlife. The art and culture of this location are its identities. However, one major disadvantage can be the lack of transportation facilities such as access to the train. If you are a young professional obsessed with art and technology, check out this location.

5. Greenpoint

This New York neighborhood in Kings County is one of the best places with its facilities and amenities. There is an urban feel about this location. It is buzzing with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, parks, etc.

It is a hub for several young professionals. Most of the apartments in Greenpoint are available in decent size and area, including backyards. The place overall has a happy vibe and a feel-good view, which works for people who wish to live in a community space.

Many people are obsessed with living in New York City due to its ambitious lifestyle and culture. The city can be a bit pricey to live in but the endless opportunities make it worth the bucks. So if you are considering buying residential real estate in NYC, it is one of the best decisions you can make.