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Alejandro Cruz-Mayor Suarez

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    About Alejandro Cruz-Mayor Suarez

    Alejandro was born into a real state family in the Canary Islands, Spain, subsequently raised in Madrid, and then in Lugano, Switzerland. He earned his bachelor’s degree in law at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and is a member of the Bar Association of Madrid. He holds a master’s in Audiovisual Communications from the Universidad San Pablo CEU of Madrid. Having lived in various nations, he enjoys working with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

    As International Executive Director of the Spanish commercial real estate investment company Predelsa S.A, one of his main responsibilities was the launch of their satelite office in New York City. He was involved in the purchase of the group’s parent company (then called Inmocruz Canarias Inmobiliaria) to other partners of the organization.

    He successfully developed a new approach that modernized the operability of the company by rebranding and creating a new web platform that allowed the organization to promote their products to potential customers. He took this a step further by utilizing social media to deepen the organizational ties to customers—a first for the organization. These changes allowed the company to become a leader in the real estate market, while modernizing their marketing strategy and management team.

    Alejandro is passionate about architecture and art. Naturally delving into real estate, he approaches spaces creatively, appreciating and understanding the architecture and history that make New York City unique.

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