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Apartments for Sale in Tribeca
Need a break from the fast paced busy hustle and bustle of living in New York City? Do you want greenery and lots of open spaces to be a part of your new address? Dreaming of a large dramatic loft space with high ceilings and huge sprawling rooms? Well, we have four magic words for you; the “Triangle below Canal Street”, known better a Tribeca, the posh downtown neighborhood with beautiful waterfront views of the Hudson. In this blog, we will walk you through the essentials of searching for Tribeca apartments for sale.Tribeca might be your dream neighborhood for a permanent address, and there is no shortage of apartments, lofts, and townhouses to explore. However, is access to sufficient property listings enough to find the perfect home? Not quite so! Along with a full and updated assortment of real estate listings, you also need the guidance and insights of a savvy experienced realtor. Above all, you should know about all of the important questions to ask  when looking for Tribeca apartments for sale

What Should Ask Before Purchasing an Apartment in Tribeca?

Thanks to firms like Corbett & Dullea who have every available Tribeca property for sale in an easily searchable database on their website, searching for residential properties has become easier than before. With a single click, you can get a preview of the best lofts, apartments, townhouses, condos, brownstones, and more. Before sealing the deal, however, you need to ask some essential questions to make the right purchase. What are they?

1. What is the square foot area of the apartment?

When looking for an apartment, you should focus on the number of rooms and baths. Inquire about the square foot area of the apartment. It’s the total square footage of the place; in simple words, how big is the apartment. Not all listing comes with square footage, so make sure to ask about the size and the floor plan.

2. Does the apartment building have a land lease?

Many apartment buildings in NY are built on land not owned by them. In that case, you would have to pay the ground rent to the landowner and renew the land lease periodically. If you are not comfortable with the idea of buying an apartment on land owned by someone else, then look for a different property.

3. Is there is sublet policy?

Not all apartments have a sublet policy, which means you cannot rent the apartment as a rental to other people. There are house rules and bylaws that can prevent you from subletting, so don’t forget to ask that question.

4. Can I renovate the place?

If it is a fixer-upper, you can immediately start renovating the place; after getting the get-go from the board of residents. Otherwise, you would require a permit before making any structural changes to the original layout. The real estate agent would be able to walk you through the rules of renovation in that case.

5. How often does the maintenance increase?

You would not want to move to a place where the board of residents keeps increasing the maintenance frequently. So, that’s another valid query to make. It will help with your long-term financial planning related to the property.


So, if you are already on the lookout for the perfect Tribeca apartment for sale, don’t forget to ask these questions before making the final decision. Hope that you are in touch with a reliable and experienced realtor; if not then connect with Corbett & Dullea Real Estate today! They will ensure that you get the best property in the neighborhood within your budget.

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