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A Guide to the Financial District’s Top Office Buildings

The Financial District  –  FiDi  –  Wall Street  –  Lower Manhattan  –  Downtown  –  This iconic Manhattan neighborhood goes by many names and is an international business destination. If you’re looking for a new office in New York City then you’ll definitely want to strongly consider The Financial District as your company’s new office space headquarters. FiDi is the ultimate synthesis of location, value, and quality & quantity of office availability. When you compare the average price per square foot of Class A office buildings in The Financial District to Midtown you’ll find a significantly lower price per square foot in FiDi than in Midtown

Aside from low prices and strong inventory there are also many other great reasons to choose Lower Manhattan to set up your new office space, in particular it’s access to more subway lines and public transportation than any other neighborhood in New York City. Geographically The Financial District is at the bottom of the city and is it’s southern most point, and it’s here that almost every major MTA subway line converges making it the ultimate commuter destination giving you and your staff a quick and easy commute to get to work each day.

Nothing could be better than setting up an office in the financial district of Manhattan itself. The reason seems obvious but you can still ask why? Listing itself as a city of huge economic and commercial importance, you may find it difficult to search for the top office buildings that would cater to your needs.  Worry not! We will guide you step by step to find the perfect office space in the financial district, Manhattan.

The financial district houses some of the offices and headquarters of the major financial institutions of the city- the New York Stock Exchange (largest stock exchange in the marketing world) and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  New York City has consecutively made it to the news as a leading economically powerful kernel of the world. So, an office in the financial district is a victory for you.

Let’s dig into the steps for the search right away!

Know Your Budget

Before you embark upon your search for office space in the city, keep in check your budget closely. The financial district is included in the Manhattan Community District 1. So, buying a space for your office may be on the expensive side. However, look at it as an investment since establishing a workplace in the financial district comes with several advantages- exposure, accessibility, customers, and whatnot. Even if you can’t buy one, you can find office space for rent in Manhattan. 

Purpose of the Office

Your purpose will decide what kind of building would be the best for you. If you have a few staff, then a small to medium space will be enough. But, with office essentials and a large number of members you would want a larger space for movement and work. So, step back, think, plan and then decide.


The infrastructure of the building will add to the overall appeal of your office. On top of that, the interior and the structure will also decide how you will organize your office; where will your desk be, how will you divide the cabins, and such. You will also have to look out for basic provisions of the washroom, canteen, and proper power supply.

Look for Advertisements

To know of the best, you will need to look out for advertisements. These will provide you with the details of the suitable top office buildings for you.  However, make sure the sources are reliable and trustworthy. A real estate service will recommend to you an organized list of office space for sale in Manhattan that matches your requirements.

Review of the Building

Newspapers, online sites, or even googling can help you to find reviews of the buildings. You can analyze on your own and if that’s too much work for you just contact the best real estate service in Manhattan.

Get in contact with a Real Estate Agent

Yes, this is the most important step to set up the perfect office space in the top buildings of Manhattan. Contact Corbett & Dullea Real Estate for the proper guidance and assistance that will help you make the clear and right choice.