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The Ultimate Manhattan New Development Condo List
Manhattan condos

So you’re thinking about buying a Manhattan new development condominium, but you don’t know where to begin to figure out your best options. There are many different listing portals out there, but none seem to have a simple, straightforward and comprehensive list of all of the active new developments in New York City. I’ve written this article to solve this problem for you, and here is the definitive list of all of the currently active and selling new development condos in Manhattan.

It’s finally here!! Your full list to which new development condominiums are currently selling in Manhattan. This list includes all new construction condos and existing conversion condominium projects. Usually the conversion projects are either office to residential condo conversions or residential rental to condo conversion. Some of these buildings are “pre-construction” condos that are being sold before the building is even built or during its construction phase during the actual construction period. When buying a pre-construction condo the moment that everyone is typically waiting for is when construction is finally completed and then the city grants the building it’s Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, otherwise known as the TCO. Once the TCO is granted then closings can commence and purchasers can move into their brand new condominium.

The first thing most condo buyers will need to decide is what neighborhood or neighborhoods they’re most interested in living in. Whether you’re interested in a cool Downtown neighborhood like Soho, the West Village, or FiDi; The hustle and bustle of Midtown or any of its sub neighborhoods like Hell’s Kitchen, Columbus Circle, or Midtown East; Or maybe you want to be the Upper East or Upper West Side and be close to Central Park. We’ve got you covered for wherever you decide you want to purchase your New York City new development condo, and you’ll find Manhattan’s top new development condos in all the city’s top neighborhoods in this comprehensive list.

If you’re even just considering purchasing a new development condo in Manhattan then this list is a must have for you to review in order to start weighing your options. If you’d like more details such as pricing or an availability list for any of the buildings on this list then please just send us an inquiry and Corbett & Dullea can help you purchase the perfect Manhattan new development condo for you or for you and your family.



1 Wall Street
25 Broad Street
33 Park Row
77 Greenwich Street
130 William Street


2 Park Place
19 Park Place
30 Warren Street
66 Reade Street
100 Barclay Street
108 Leonard Street


1 Manhattan Square
147 Ludlow Street
196 Orchard Street
202 Broome Street
199 Chrystie Street
208 Delancey Street


70 Charlton Street
74 Grand Street
110 Charlton Street
219 Hudson Street
565 Broome Street


32 East 1st Street
298 East 2nd Street


101 West 14th Street
515 West 18th Street
532 West 20th Street
555 West 22nd Street
527 West 27th Street
215 West 28th Street


215 East 19th Street
250 East 21st Street
121 East 22nd Street
150 East 23rd Street
181 East 28th Street


39 West 23rd Street
30 East 29th Street
15 East 30th Street
88 Lexington Ave
90 Lexington Ave
540 Sixth Ave


138 East 50th Street
200 East 59th Street
695 First Ave
383 Third Ave
501 Third Ave
165 Lexington Ave


100 East 53rd Street
7 West 57th Street
53 West 53rd Street
217 West 57th Street
111 West 57th Street


15 Hudson Yards
35 Hudson Yards
460 West 42nd Street
505 – 513 West 43rd Street
500 West 45th Street
547 West 47th Street
611 West 56th Street


15 West 61st Street
212 West 72nd Street
150 West 82nd Street
225 West 86th Street
251 West 91st Street
212 West 93rd Street
212 West 95th Street
250 West 96th Street
10 Riverside BLVD
30 Riverside BLVD
200 Amsterdam Ave
360 CPW
378 West End Ave
393 West End Ave
470 Columbus Ave
555 West End Ave
2505 Broadway


333 East 82nd Street
200 East 83rd Street
180 East 88th Street
427 East 90th Street
200 East 95th Street
40 East End Ave
1228 Madison Ave
1295 Madison Ave
1289 Lexington Ave