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Choose different types of retail spaces with a real estate company

Getting your shop offline is a huge step. You would want to make sure that you select the perfect space for it. With so many different types of options to choose from, you may get confused. Finding the best Manhattan retail spaces for rent is easier with some help. Real estate agencies list such spaces for you. Let’s look at the different types of spaces available.

1. Department Store

Department stores are extremely common because they are the most convenient options for our household products. These stores generally have a variety of products at different price ranges. The type of space required for such a store needs to be wide and open. It helps customers see all the products clearly and allows them to move around. A retail estate agency can help you with retail spaces with decent floor space at an affordable rate.

Loop layouts are beneficial for such stores. It allows customers to flick through the different products one by one. This makes shopping a convenient experience for them.

2. Warehouse Stores

A warehouse store may not be that common in Manhattan. These stores sell very limited stock and in bulk at a high rate of discount. Generally, the layout of these stores may differ. Oftentimes the stores have a herringbone layout where the columns are organized on either side of the main aisle. There are small walkways that break away from the aisle in between the large columns. For this layout, you may require a mid-sized to large retail space. Agents from real estate agencies scout for such available properties to provide them to you.

3. Supermarkets

All of us are adept at supermarkets. If you’re a business owner into high scale retailing, you may want to open up a supermarket in Manhattan.  These stores consist of a large departmentalized segment. They provide a variety of food and non-food options! Supermarkets have a grid layout with staple products being set up around the walls. The promo products are set up in columns in the middle. The customers have the choice of moving along the walls or in between the promo isles. This layout requires a lot of space because it has a lot going on with the design.

Manhattan being an urban area, may not offer such large spaces easily. This is why contacting a real estate company gives you an advantage. The catalogs that these companies have are very detailed. Agents will know exactly where you can set up your shop!

We recommend contacting a real estate agency for Manhattan Retail Spaces for Rent. You can get amazing deals from our catalog. Corbett & Dullea gives you a list of options of spaces that are available for being rented.  We also focus on negotiation to get you the best deal in the city! Set your business up in the heart of New York’s administrative district with us!