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Residential Real Estate in New York City?
Residential Real Estate in NewYork City

Are you planning to buy a home in New York City? It can be quite an expensive affair, but the limelight of this city makes it worth the price. The city has so many exquisite locations that anyone will love. We have shortlisted some of the best locations for you to buy residential real estate in NYC. 

Check out these top 5 locations in New York City

There are so many great options when it comes to choosing a good location. Some of the best locations in this city to buy residential real estate are:

1. Dumbo, Brooklyn

It is one of the top ten buyer locations in New York City. The waterfront views of Manhattan and one-of-a-kind converted warehouses make it a favorite location of Millenials. Residents can enjoy subway access to Lower Manhattan or take the bike, ferry, or drive.

2. Forest Hills, Queens

If you want to enjoy a serene and peaceful living away from the hustle-bustle of Manhattan and Brooklyn, this is your place. Filled with rustic streets and spacious Tudor-style houses this location has an unmatched rustic charm.

As a resident, you will also enjoy access to NYC amenities and other diverse cultures. Be it driving to work or walking your kids to school, you will love how calming this place is.

3. Greenwich Village, Manhattan

It is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing residential real estate in NYC. Filled with pretty streets and townhomes, restaurants, shops, big schools- this location has every possible facility.

This area is also culturally and historically rich and is home to many young professionals due to its booming nightlife. But you need to have a comparatively higher budget to own a home in this area.

4. West Chelsea, Manhattan

It is one of the most trending and hyped locations in New York booming with nightlife. The art and culture of this location are its identities. However, one major disadvantage can be the lack of transportation facilities such as access to the train. If you are a young professional obsessed with art and technology, check out this location.

5. Greenpoint

This New York neighborhood in Kings County is one of the best places with its facilities and amenities. There is an urban feel about this location. It is buzzing with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, parks, etc.

It is a hub for several young professionals. Most of the apartments in Greenpoint are available in decent size and area, including backyards. The place overall has a happy vibe and a feel-good view, which works for people who wish to live in a community space.

Many people are obsessed with living in New York City due to its ambitious lifestyle and culture. The city can be a bit pricey to live in but the endless opportunities make it worth the bucks. So if you are considering buying residential real estate in NYC, it is one of the best decisions you can make.