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Queens Retail Space – Queens Retail Market Is Heating Up
Queens Retail Space
If you were to walk down Steinway Street in Astoria, or 82nd Street in Jackson Heights, or Junction BLVD in Corona you know what you won’t find? A lot of vacant storefronts. And that’s because the Queens retail market is on fire.
Even before Covid the New York City retail store market was being battered by the effects of online shopping. And this wasn’t just a phenomenon in New York City, this was happening throughout the country as shoppers shifted away from shopping at brick & mortar stores in favor of buying things online instead. And when covid hit that obviously just made the situation much worse. But as we forge ahead in this post pandemic economy some markets have begun to defy the odds and the Queens retail market which has roared back to life is one of them. Simply put, prices are up and vacancies are down.
Possibly the priciest of retail strips, at least in West Queens seems to be 82nd. Street in Jackson Heights where some retail stores are asking as much as $150 per square foot. Are we in Manhattan with those prices? No, we’re not, this is Queens we’re talking about. Now not every street can boast these types of rents, but Pricing in the $50’s to $70’s per square foot is very common in many of Queens other busy retail blocks.
Clothing stores, electronics stores, medical tenants, restaurants, bars, and cafes are just some of the many different retailers lining Queens busy retail blocks. And a new industry that’s also starting to snap up retail space at a high volume is cannabis dispensaries which are now opening in Queens and throughout the 5 boroughs.
If you’re looking for retail space in Queens or anywhere in New York City then please call Corbett & Dullea at (212) 203-5388 or email us at We are your New York City Retail space experts.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

With average rents ranging from $120 per square foot to $160 per square foot 82nd Street in Jackson Heights might be Queens most expensive Street.

Queens BLVD has many local and national retailers as its tenants. However the type of traffic and exposure you’re going to get on Queens BLVD is different from some of Queens other well known retail strips. Queens BLVD gets very heavy vehicle traffic, however it does not get the heavy foot traffic that you’ll get on a street like 82nd Street, Steinway Street, or Roosevelt Ave. So if you’re looking for your brand to be seen by many people and to have more of a billboard effect then Queens BLVD will give you the exposure you’re looking for. But you’ll get less pedestrians walking by and walking into your store then you would on some of Queens more heavily foot trafficked streets.

The answer to this is definitely yes. Queens has many well known national retail tenants and you can find different national tenants throughout the different neighborhoods of Queens.