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Medical Space for sale in New York City, NY


Start Your Medical Practice in NYC; Secure a Space with Corbett & Dullea

Congratulations! You finally decided to start your own medical practice. What about the space? Have you given any thoughts to that? Let our experts at Corbett & Dullea Real Estate be your guide and find you the best medical space for sale in NYC or if you want a nice rental property.

Things to Consider When Buying/Renting a Medical Space

New York City has over the years developed to be the most sought after destinations for medical practitioners looking for spaces to set up clinics. The medical space has a specific set of requirements that differs from the other kinds of properties for commercial use.

When looking for a medical space for rent in NYC one has to consider the following:

  • The area should be spacious to accommodate both patients and the staff.
  • There should be enough room to accommodate the equipment.
  • Having a reception and waiting area for the patients and family members is a must.
  • There should be room and provision for remodeling, such as plumbing and electrical needs.
  • The neighborhood should be appropriate for running a healthcare establishment.

In NYC, there is a significant concentration of medical clinics run by physicians, therapists, dentists, and other medical practitioners in both residential and office neighborhoods. The office neighborhoods are hotspots for therapists, chiropractors, clinics for cosmetic and plastic surgery that attend to high-end clients.
Residential areas typically attract dentists and physicians. There are promising properties for rent and sale to be found around big hospitals like Mount Sinai, NY Presbyterian, etc. 

Exploring Medical Spaces in NYC

Corbett & Dullea has a complete database of medical spaces owing to professional connections with property owners across New York. We offer our clients the best commercial properties that are suitable for setting up a clinic. Our team works with a client-driven approach with zero affiliation to any landlord.

We make sure to understand what the client wants in terms of rentals or New York City  medical space for rent. Accordingly we collate the property listings and present the same to the clients. If you are looking forward to establish your practice in NYC, give us a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you are looking to lease a medical space for rent in NYC for short term or the long term, we can negotiate the most flexible terms on your behalf. 

All our property listings under medical spaces for leasing or sale come equipped with all necessary amenities and utilities.

Whether the property improvement bill would fall upon the tenant or the landlord depends on the lease terms or rental agreement.

Inform us about whatever amenities or property requirements you seek in your medical space and we will find you a space that fulfils all criterion.

Once you are sure about the property, we expediate the negotiation process so that you can take possession as soon as possible.

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