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Medical Office Space for Rent or Lease Manhattan, NY

Set up your Medical Practice in the Island of Manhattan

Are you looking for a place to start your independent medical practice? Manhattan has some of the best neighborhoods that would guarantee a constant flow of patients in your clinic. We at Corbett & Dullea will help you find the perfect medical office space for rent in Manhattan. 
Space for Clinic in Manhattan: Considerations for Tenants

Finding a space for a medical office or a clinic is different from an office, retail outlet, restaurant, or any other commercial establishment. When looking for a medical office space for rent in Manhattan, the following things should be prioritized by the tenant. 

  • Location or neighborhood of the clinic.
  • Proximity to diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, and other medical facilities.
  • Easy accessibility to patients, along with the security of the neighborhood.
  • Adequate infrastructure to accommodate the rush of patients in the clinic. 
  • Availability of proper structural infrastructure, like plumbing, utilities, etc. 
  • Parking space for the patients and the staff. 
  • Flexible lease/rent terms.

Other than that, the tenant should also consider the security of the building and the neighbors occupying rental units in it. In the case of single-unit properties, one has to arrange their very own security for the property however, the concern of the neighbors and the neighborhoods remains the same. It should be patient-friendly.  

Corbett & Dullea at Your Service

At Corbett & Dullea we can help you find the best properties under medical buildings. We can get you a medical office space for rent in Manhattan in the office neighborhoods making it easy for your patients to walk in easily for a minor procedure or check-up in between work. 

It works well for dentists, chiropractors, therapists, cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics. If you prefer a more residential setting for your practice, we can look into properties that suit those criteria. Give us a call, and let us find the best medical building in Manhattan for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is a great demand and availability of medical office spaces in the Upper East Side, Financial District, Downtown, and Midtown Manhattan. 

We have property listings in a wide price range. We only require your budget point, and then we can find you the perfect spot for your clinic. 

It depends on the kind of patients that you are targeting. We will need more details before we can pinpoint a location for you. 

Most of the properties are available with parking spaces. However, it is best if you mention it as a priority so that we can offer you appropriate listings under medical office space for rent in Manhattan. 

The average rent for medical office spaces in Manhattan as of 2021 is $82 per square foot. 

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