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Restaurant Space for Rent or Lease Manhattan, NY


Set Your Food Address amid the Urban Magic of Manhattan, NYC

Are you looking for a restaurant space for sale in Manhattan? Want to rent a place to start your food business? Corbett & Dullea Real Estate can help turn your wish into a reality with its extensive portfolio of commercial and retail property listings across major neighborhoods in Manhattan. Give us a call today to start your search for the perfect restaurant space for rent in Manhattan.

Best Manhattan Neighborhoods for Food Business 

Manhattan is the quintessential NY borough, an ode to urbanization with its assortment of skyscrapers and busy streets. We know it for being the home to the most iconic landmarks in the world; for being the financial hub of America. But Manhattan is also a foodie’s paradise with some delectable gems making it the perfect destination for starting a restaurant business. 

Why you should get a restaurant space for rent in Manhattan or buy a commercial property?

  • It is well connected to the other four boroughs of NY with the road, subway, train, and bus routes.
  • The neighborhoods are bustling with activity with vibrant restaurants and bar scenes.
  • It is home to some of the most famous food places in NYC; you will be sharing addresses with stalwarts in the food business. 

In Manhattan, every neighborhood comes with its plus points for food businesses, be it a residential area, business center, financial district, or shopping destination. Good food is a definitive part of Manhattan’s soul, and now you can be a part of it too by getting a restaurant for sale in Manhattan.  

Explore Your Property Options with Corbett & Dullea

Corbett & Dullea Real Estate has a team of real estate agents who know the neighborhoods of Manhattan like the back of their hands. If there is a good commercial property in the market we can get that for you before anyone else. 

In the last 15 years that we have been thriving in the NY real estate scene, we have earned the reputation and reliability as one of the leading real estate agencies in the area, with the highest property closure rates. If you are looking for a restaurant space for rent in Manhattan, we can help you find the perfect property in the best location within your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Determine a budget
  • Find a realtor
  • Neighborhood research
  • Determine square footage

Corbett & Dullea will take care of the rest. 

Do you want to open a posh restaurant or a simple diner? The choice of neighborhood depends on the kind of customers you are targeting. 

Getting a restaurant space for rent in Manhattan or buying the same; would depend on your budget and the long-term goals of your business. 

The net lease has a lower monthly rent, excluding the property maintenance costs that the renter has to pay separately. 

The expert realtors will take care of the negotiations, keeping you in the loop all along. 

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