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Medical Office Space for Rent in Brooklyn, NY


Grow your Practice with the Perfect Medical Office for Rent in Brooklyn

A medical office or clinic has a separate set of requirements compared to generic commercial properties. You need to abide by certain compliances with a different set of lease terms with the landlord. That’s why when seeking a medical office for rent in Brooklyn, you need the expertise of real estate professionals, which you will get at Corbett & Dullea. 

Searching for a Medical Office? Things you should know

Finding a commercial property to set up a clinic requires the medical professional to ensure a few special requirements. 

  • The clinic should have easy access for the patients and their families.
  • There should be adequate amenities for both the patients and the medical staff. 
  • The clinic should be spacious, airy, and well-ventilated.
  • It should be in a neighborhood that is safe, clean, and appropriate to run a healthcare facility. 
  • The medical office should be compliant with the rules set by the ADA (Federal American Disabilities Act) to attend to patients who have restricted mobility. 

When getting a medical office for rent in Brooklyn, one should also keep in mind the basic infrastructure of the building along with maintenance services available in the area. 
All these factors need consideration for laying the ground for a booming practice. It all begins with the perfect medical office. 

Finding a Brooklyn Neighborhood with Corbett & Dullea

Having an experienced broker by your side as a guide when looking for a medical office for rent in Brooklyn has immense benefits. At Corbett & Dullea, our real estate agents have adequate knowledge about all the medical buildings across the borough with a robust network and connections among the landlord to brokerage you the best deal. 
Our listings carry properties in different price ranges, and we guarantee flexible lease terms to our clients. At Corbett & Dullea, we:

  • Assist in your search;
  • Take you on property tours; 
  • Set up meetings with the landlord; 
  • Offer you financial and legal guidance, and; 

Negotiate on your behalf with the landlord. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you want to open a cosmetic surgery clinic, we will find the perfect property for rent in a Brooklyn neighborhood that will get you maximum visibility among your patients. 

Location, commute facilities, security, and accessibility are some of the things that one should consider before choosing the neighborhood. We can help you with that.

When negotiating the lease terms with the landlord we make sure to keep it flexible putting our clients’ needs a priority. 

The choice depends on the monthly rent budget that you have. Accordingly, we can suggest whether you should opt for a net lease or a gross lease for your medical office for rent in Brooklyn.

Our listings come in a wide array of sizes, and we recommend the same after assessing the requirement of the client and the kind of medical office you are aiming to open. 

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