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Townhouses for Sale in Brooklyn, NY


Make a Brooklyn Townhouse Your Family Home

Are you looking for a Brooklyn Townhouse to move in with your family of five? We at Corbett & Dullea Real Estate have some great listings under Brooklyn townhouses for sale that will pique your interest and suffice all the attributes you are looking for in your dream home. Our property listings include both brownstones and conventional townhouses. 

Brooklyn Townhouses for Your Family

A family of four or five people requires more space than they would get in an apartment. Hence, the demand for Brooklyn townhouses for sale is substantially high among buyers who are thinking of raising a family or starting one in a quiet neighborhood with a suburban feel that emanates from the free-standing structures of brownstone and concrete. 
Many of these houses are old properties that are refurbished with modern architecture and amenities and then sold to the young families seeking a place in Brooklyn they can call home.  

There are several Brooklyn neighborhoods with townhouses in varied sizes, fit for a standard four people family to a big one. Some have backyards and open spaces within the property limits adding to the allure of living in a townhouse. 

Find your home with Corbett & Dullea  

Corbett & Dullea Real Estate presents you with the opportunity to find the perfect townhouse with your desired number of rooms, baths, and extra space. Our seasoned realtors will take you on property tours and open houses until we can find you just what you have been dreaming to turn into your home. 
Thanks to our robust network in the residential property market, our real estate agents can get you the best deal, which fits your budget criteria, along with the neighborhood and other priorities that you might list during the initial consultation.  
Why contact us for Brooklyn townhouses for sale?

  • We have dedicated team of award-winning real estate agents.
  • Our team has the highest property closure rate in the area. 
  • We have an advanced database with multiple filters that pings the best properties as per the clients’ list of requirements. 
Our realtors have exceptional negotiation skills; you are guaranteed the best property price with us.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Brooklyn townhouses for sale are free-standing buildings usually occupied by a single-family. Apartments are multiple units in a single building owned or rented by several individuals. 

Brooklyn neighborhoods have some great townhouse properties to explore, especially in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Clinton Hill, Boerum Hill, etc. 

Townhouses are free-standing buildings, and considering Brooklyn real estate prices and property make for great assets. 

The average price of a townhouse ranges between $3.5 million to $10 million. It may vary depending on the structural condition of the building. 

Brooklyn has some of the best private schools in NYC, which attracts a lot of families to settle in this borough.

Properties in New York City

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