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Manhattan, Upper West Side apartments for sale

Find the perfect neighborhood that speaks to you with professional realtors in NYC

Move to the Upper West Side, live in classy apartments, and own your own property in the posh areas of NYC with Corbett and Dullea Real Estate.

Located between Central Park and Riverside, the Upper West Side is one of the popular attractions in NYC. With all the greenery, relaxed bistros, and a lively bar scene, this sparkling, cozy, and uptown neighborhood, is every property buyer’s dream come true in NYC.
The Upper-West side has many amenity-rich developments along with the location perks, and architectural gems. The old admirers of the arts see the place as the cultural hub of NYC, whereas the young families flock here for good schools and better opportunities. Are you looking to move to the Upper West Side? Then here are some tips for you!

Tips for buying an apartment in the Upper West Side of

  • Create your wishlist that includes your budget, location preferences, and of course, the amenities and architectural perks that you want in your apartment.
  • Find ways to save on your purchase because buying an apartment in NYC is expensive.
  • Have an experienced real estate team on your side because qualified realtors can make a big difference. 

Finding your dream home with real estate experts 

At Corbett and Dullea Real Estate, we have handpicked listings for Upper West Side, Manhattan apartments for sale. You can surf through our landmarked apartment listings and pick an apartment according to your budget. We aid you in getting your selected property at a fair price so that you can live in the cultural capital. Our professionals have years of knowledge in the real estate field, and the integrity of our firm is guaranteed by the law to endure. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will make apartment search in Manhattan as easy as anything. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The real estate agents can delve deep into the location-oriented facts and divulge information about which is the best public school on the Upper-West side.

It has. New York City has always been a tough market for buyers, but after the inception of the pandemic, the market has become even more daunting. If you expect to go in the market alone and unrepresented, expect no mercy. It is always advised that you seek professional help before starting your search for Upper West Side, Manhattan apartments for sale.

We would say the Upper West Side, the Upper-East side, Columbus Circle, Financial District, Chelsea, etc., have a huge fan following among NYC locals, and so they are the most popular options for investment.

When it comes to NYC vacancy rates, the rates in Manhattan hover around 2%, which is comparatively low. As more and more people are deciding to buy apartments, the latest vacancy rate came in at 1.1% when the sales market faltered.

Properties in New York City

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