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Grow your entrepreneurial venture in Columbus Circle

Get more ROI, drive business growth and reach the NYC audience by finding your business spot in Columbus Circle.

Columbus Circle is considered to be the prime location of Manhattan. It covers from Eighth Avenue to Broadway to some parts of Central Park. Getting an office place in such a jam-packed area is a nightmare. Thanks to Corbett and Dullea Real Estate, now you can get in touch with a chain of commercial listings in the shortest time.  

This place is the municipal zero-mile from where all the distance in New York City is measured. As the name suggests the very center has a humongous monument of Christopher Columbus. The bus services connect almost all the major places nearby. After the renovation works the place is filled with lushed greenery, a water fountain, and organized benches. Many banks, publishers, retailers, business consultants, and stockbrokers are functional in the Columbus circle.

Why set up your venture in Columbus Circle? 

One of the evident perks of the place is the already established corporate sector, which plays a pivotal role in attracting more potential clients. A lot of companies are establishing and expanding in this area which is making Columbus Circle a busy, corporate locality, in the center of Manhattan. It has always been portrayed as one of the overpriced places in Manhattan by many real estate companies, but we have ruled out the rudimentary thought. We consider all the needs and demands of our clients and help them to find their dream office place.

Corbett and Dullea Real Estate for finding your business the perfect spot

At Corbett and Dullea Real Estate, we value service over everything. Our team has been in business for a long time now and understands the place better than our fellow competitors, some of the beneficiary we provide are:

  • A perfect place with respect to office perspective, like nearer to the street, plenty of parking place and ample office area according to companies need.
  • The localities are mostly commercial establishments.
  • Hassel-free leasing and easy to upheld terms and conditions.
  • Our agents are well equipped with exceptional negotiable skills which will help in landing the finest deal possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Every office needs its employees to be creative and innovative, to put these two terms in action it’s quintessential for the office to create the ambiance and ideal work environment. To fuel the productivity in the workspace and attract more clients the desired office area becomes exceptionally important.

Landlords tend to put many hidden costs and restrictions inside the clause of the lease. It’s paramount for the company to understand all the points and then put a price tag. Real estate agents generally help in negotiating the amount and put a reasonable price on the property.

With offices and businesses getting more and more flexible, landlords need to adapt the same attribute. A short-term lease is often for an office lease is of 6 months or less. The agreement is generally made weekly or monthly. The lease may or may not be renewed after the end of the term based on the agreement of the two parties.

Properties in New York City

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