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Corbett & Dullea; Your Gateway to the Finest Commercial Properties in Tribeca

Are you looking for an office space for rent in Downtown Manhattan? You can either get a luxury corporate suite for your growing enterprise or a standard commercial space with affordable rent for your small business. At Corbett & Dullea, we keep your perspective in mind when offering top office spaces in Tribeca, Manhattan for rent/lease. 

Why Choose Tribeca as Your Business Address

Once an industrial area, Tribeca has developed exponentially in recent years and is one of the most sought-after business neighborhoods in Downtown Manhattan. It is a mix of high-end luxury and affordable commercial properties with flexible lease agreements to source, but that would depend on the negotiation skills of your realtor.
Tribeca stands between the Hudson River and Broadway, extending from Chambers Street to Canal Street. The neighborhood is well-connected with the other boroughs, which would make commuting easy for your employees. Tribeca has an exceptional assortment of restaurants, pubs, and galleries to make up for the after-office leisure hours. 
Other local amenities include subway access, 24-hour ATMs, supermarkets, pharmacies, bus routes, and more. You can get both furnished and un-furnished offices spaces in Tribeca, Manhattan

Rent the Best Commercial Space with Corbett & Dullea

A common query to cross the mind of many would be, ‘why do I need a professional realtor to lease an office space?’ The answer is what we promise all of our clients, 

  • Precision is finding the perfect commercial properties through the use of advanced tech backed listings;
  • Dedicated service of experienced and licensed real estate agents. 
  • Ability to negotiate the best rental agreement terms for clients. 
  • Fast-track services to clients looking to move immediately. 

Years of working within the commercial real estate industry of Manhattan, we are aware of every property available for rent in the market. You just have to inform us about your specific requirements, and we will ensure to provide you appropriate listings covering all office spaces in Tribeca, Manhattan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A direct lease is when you sign an agreement with the landlord. When you sublease the office space to another tenant, it’s called subletting. You cannot sublet the property without permission from the landlord.  

Our range of office space and commercial listings covers multiple areas and types of businesses, including retail outlets. 

While negotiating leasing terms for our clients, we put their needs as a priority. So, you can expect maximum flexibility in the clauses. 

The authority of lease extension lies solely with the landlord. We can negotiate the lease extension terms on your behalf while drafting the initial agreement. 

We provide our clients with respective floor plans for office spaces in Tribeca, Manhattan before initiating the rental/leasing negotiations with the property owners

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