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Midtown Retail For Lease

If your business is looking for the perfect Midtown retail store for rent, then Corbett & Dullea can find you and your business the perfect Midtown retail storefront location. We are experts in the Midtown retail space market and can help you secure the optimal retail space.

Midtown really is the epicenter of Manhattan and having a retail presence in Midtown will give your business an incredible opportunity for high sales and maximum exposure. We will be your strategic partner in finding the perfect Midtown retail store for rent, and negotiating the best deal possible for your business. Locating the right space is just the first step in the process. Once we find you the right space we’ll then get you the best possible terms on your monthly rent, lease length, free rent / rent concessions, and tenant improvement allowance (T.I.) from the landlord. Finding the best Midtown retail store at the best possible terms puts your business in the strongest possible position to succeed.
Midtown is a large area with many great different neighborhoods; Times Square, Grand Central, Penn Station, Midtown South, and more. We’ll strategize with you to figure out which neighborhood best suits your business and where your business will thrive.
Call Corbett & Dullea and find the perfect Midtown retail store for rent now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Times Square is the most highly foot trafficked neighborhood in all New York City with around 330,000 people walking through Times Square every day. And on ti’s busiest days Times Square sees up to 460,000 pedestrians in a single day.

This all depends on where in Midtown you are. For example you could be on a side street and potentially pay as little as $80 or $90 per square foot. However if you’re on major Avenue in Times Square or Penn Station then you could be looking at astronomical rents that range from $400 to $1000 per square foot.

Midtown Manhattan has a very diverse retail landscape with tenants ranging from small mom and pop delis to major global tech and fashion brands like Apple and Gucci. There is no shortage of different types of businesses that occupy Midtown’s retail storefronts, from clothing stores to electronics stores to restaurants to interactive entertainment venues, and more. Midtown has it all.
If you’re ready to find the ideal Midtown retail storefront then contact Corbett & Dullea and find the right space to take your business to the next level.

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