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Apartments for Sale in Greenwich Village

Find your Dream Home in the Village with Corbett & Dullea

Enjoy the city bustle of Manhattan while living amid the tranquility of the suburban charm; Greenwich Village offers you the best of both worlds. Similarly, Corbett & Dullea brings to you the finest real estate offerings within the neighborhood, which would fit snuggly within your price and preference point. Your search for the perfect Greenwich Village apartments for sale starts with us.  

Greenwich Village: The Soul of Lower Manhattan

The Village, as it is lovingly called is home to the iconic Washington Square Park and holds the history of being the epicenter of the 60’s Counter culture movement. Being centrally located, the place remains bustling through the day with constant foot traffic. The Park is the community waterhole, thronged by locals and tourists. Besides that, the Village has a fair share of entertainment offerings and hangout spots to commune. 

Beyond the bustle, there is a more suburban side to the neighborhood that would interest homebuyers looking for some serenity. The rows of brownstone properties standing under the cool shade of trees are the perfect foil to the vibrancy of the Village. 

Why you should look for Greenwich Village apartments for sale? Other than being a lively and welcoming neighborhood, the Village has great connectivity and transit options. It has great options in terms of schools and educational institutes as well for families looking to move. Above and beyond everything, it lets you be a part of New York’s history. 

Best Apartment Listings by Seasoned Realtors

Corbett & Dullea Real Estate has been providing individuals and families with stellar properties in the area for almost two decades now. We keep track of all new real estate listings releasing in the market. 

Our team comprises the most experienced realtors with the highest closure rate. Backed by a technically sound system, we offer our clients the best listings to meet their requirements to close the sale ASAP. For any other details on Greenwich Village apartments for sale, feel free to reach out to us at any time.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The central location of the neighborhood is the ultimate perk. You get quick access to Midtown and Union Square along with Downtown locations like SoHo and West Village.

The Village is known for being a friendly neighborhood with a welcoming community. 

It is a mixed bag of doorman buildings and walkup apartments. You have to let us know what you want so that we can find the right Greenwich Village apartments for sale.

Yes, we can. We can gain you access to open houses as well as take you for individual property tours. 

Once you reach us, it won’t take more than a couple of months for us to get you the home of your dreams and help you take possession of the same.  

Properties in New York City

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