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Apartments for Sale in Tribeca, NY


Make Tribeca your home with Corbett & Dullea 

Within the city limits, but away from the crowd; is how one can describe life in Tribeca. Is that the kind of place you are looking to settle down? Then Corbett and Dullea have some great options in Tribeca apartments for sale. From property searching to closing in on the purchase, we are by your side throughout the process, offering value-added real estate experience to individuals and families.     

Tribeca: Know the Neighborhood

Once an industrial zone, Tribeca’s reincarnation as a residential area happened in the ’70s. Since then this Lower Manhattan neighborhood has seen constant developments; the transition of industrial buildings into apartments, lofts, restaurants, galleries, and studios. 

Tribeca apartments for sale offer diversity through both luxury properties and standard living spaces. The architecture has a contemporary feel to it, with lesser crowd and traffic and lots of greenery. You can enjoy a stroll by the Hudson, away from the city’s bustle. Tribeca is one of the safest and most kid-friendly neighborhoods with adequate commuting conveniences. 

Real Estate Experience at Corbett & Dullea

As one of the leading real estate firms, Corbett & Dullea has access to the finest property listings in Tribeca and tabs on all new development projects. Our clients’ requirements and preferences come first, so if you give us a price point, we stick to the same without pushing the margin. Do not think of us as professionals vested in property sales, but rather as your partner in the quest for a suitable home. 
What makes us better than the rest?

  • Licensed and experienced real estate agents with good market knowledge.
  • Ability to gain you access to the most coveted residential properties. 
  • End-to-end solutions from property listings to closures. 
  • Access to open houses and property biddings. 
  • Legal and financial aid is offered to those seeking it. 

Corbett & Dullea Real Estate doesn’t give up; not until you have found the perfect Tribeca apartment for sale to make it your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From the moment you contact us for buying a property till taking possession of the same, we are constantly by your side, advising and guiding you through the process.   

Tribeca is quite safe as a neighbourhood. Coming under the jurisdiction of Precinct 1 of the NYPD, the place has reportedly experienced a 54.5% drop in crime rate in the past decade.   

The price of the Tribeca apartments for sale is determined by the location, square-foot area of the apartment (number of rooms), utilities, and amenities along with the overall plan, layout, and architecture of the property. 

Tribeca is not only a kid-friendly and safe neighborhood, but it has also had some of the best educational institutions and extracurricular activity centers, making it a great place to raise kids. 

After signing the contract and closing in, you can take possession of the new apartment within 90 days. 

Properties in New York City

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