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Commercial Rental Space in Bryant Park; an Office with a View

Want an office view without the billboards and skyscrapers? You can always rent office space in Bryant Park, Manhattan, and enjoy the green and serene scenery of the park; quite cathartic for your employees who spend their hours crunching numbers and meeting targets. For the best commercial property listings reach out to Corbett & Dullea today! 

Exploring the Office Neighborhood of Bryant Park

The location of Bryant Park is stark in the middle of Midtown, Manhattan. It is also one of the most famous landmarks in NY, a 9.6 acre stretch of greenery amidst the concrete jungle. The neighborhood is also home to the New York Public Library. Bryant Park has shown rapid signs of development in the past years becoming one of the most sought-after locations for businesses looking for office space to rent. 

The neighborhood has a cluster of law firms, insurance companies software companies, start-ups, and textile enterprises. Top corporations like Salesforce, MetLife, Apollo Global Management, and Lloyds Banking Group have their offices here. It is also home to Bank of America and the People’s Bank of China. There are ample public transportation options, and it is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. 

Hire Corbett & Dullea for Best Commercial Rentals

If you want the best office space in Bryant Park, Manhattan to rent then Corbett & Dullea is just the real estate firm for you. Why?

  • We have a dedicated team of real estate agents with vast and updated knowledge regarding the latest property trends. 
  • Our listings range from high-end A-class commercial premises to affordable corporate suites. 
  • We make sure to get all required details from the clients before providing them with listings that match the same. 
  • Our realtors negotiate flexible lease/rent terms with the property owners. 
For more information on commercial property rentals or for an initial consultation with our experts, feel free to reach out to Corbett & Dullea Real Estate. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you want access to the floor plan of the space then we can get it for you from the property owner. 

It varies in each case, but we ensure fast-tracking of the rental agreement and other legal formalities by negotiating with the property owner. 

A lot of clients seek financial advice from us while renting office space in Bryant Park, Manhattan. Our realtors are fully qualified to offer you their expertise. 

We are usually pretty fast at accommodating our clients with commercial space for rent. You need to give us specific details about your requirements, and we will make sure to find you an office space in no time. 

We have all kinds of commercial properties for lease/rent in our listings in the Bryant Park neighborhood, including corporate buildings. 

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