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Condos for Sale in Manhattan, NY


Fulfill your Manhattanite Dream with Corbett & Dullea

If you thinking of buying a residential property equipped with modern amenities and conveniences then condos for sale in Manhattan are worth exploring. Corbett & Dullea Real Estate can help you with your property search with an extensive offering of listings across prime Manhattan neighborhoods. We will find you the perfect condo you can call home.    

A Sneak-Peek at Manhattan Condo Life

Manhattan gives you the best version of New York life, living amidst all the action, the vibrant urban scene, and the glamour that attracts people from all over the world. There are some exceptional options to explore if you are searching for condominiums for sale in Manhattan. 

In terms of neighborhoods, you can look for properties in Upper East Side, West Village, Greenwich Village, Tribeca, SoHo, Nolita, Elmhurst, Harlem, East Village, Financial District, Lower Manhattan, Union Square, etc. Living in Manhattan, you get to enjoy the famous urban scene of NYC, while making a thriving living for yourself, seizing the uncountable career opportunities the city presents to its dwellers. 

On weekends you can take a stroll by the waterfronts, or sit in a quaint café enjoying some me time, catch a Broadway show, shop and eat your way through the city, or dance the night away in one of Manhattan’s iconic clubs. The condo life in Manhattan, NY presents you with varied options; you just need to find the perfect property in a great neighborhood.  

Condominium Listings at Corbett & Dullea

Corbett & Dullea Real Estate is the expert you want by your side on your quest to find condos for sale in Manhattan. We will set you up with a seasoned professional and present you with listings that suit your requirements. Our team arranges both property tours and open houses for clients, and if there is a property that catches your eye, we will make sure to get you the best deal in the market. 

From price negotiation to framing up the purchase agreement fulfilling all legal formalities, we take care of all the heavy lifting, offering you the most relaxing property buying experience ever. Our property listings cover all major Manhattan neighborhoods with condos that come equipped with modern amenities, exquisite architecture, and adequate security. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Buying a condo makes you the complete owner of a residential property, buying a co-op gives your ownership to property shares held by the corporation that owns the co-op. 

The down-payment for condominiums for sale in Manhattan varies property-wise. It usually ranges between 20% and 30% of the property price. 

In-contract is the status of a condo once the down-payment has been made followed by a contractual agreement (purchase agreement) between the buyer and the seller.  

You will need to pay mansion tax if the cost of your condo is $1 million or more. 

Flip tax is the transfer fee paid by the buyer to the seller as a part of the sale transaction. 

Properties in New York City

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