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Warehouse for lease in Coney Island

Find an affordable warehouse for lease in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Warehouses give you distinct logistical advantages. Their proximity to your business can boost your productivity many-fold. Is your business looking for a new warehouse location? Do you intend to shift to a different neighborhood; may be a bigger warehouse? Coney Island has lots of options that you can explore. At Corbett & Dullea, we maintain a database of warehouses for lease with the most relevant amenities you would need.

Why get a warehouse in Coney Island?

This peninsular neighborhood with a population 100,000 (census 2019) is bordered by Brighton Beach, Gravesend, and Lower New York Bay. Coney Island might be synonymous to entertainment and amusement parks, but there is more to the area than tourist attractions. Over the years the community has been witness to significant industrial and business development in the area.

Its connectivity to the other boroughs of NY through roadways and waterways makes it a preferable spot for setting up warehouses for businesses big and small. Another advantage of Coney Island is that it has low real estate prices compared to prime urban neighborhoods. The lease rates are negotiable and there is higher chance of getting affordable warehouse spaces in Coney Island.

Corbett & Dullea offers Extensive Options

No matter what kind of warehouse you want, we have an appropriate listing matching your requirement. Our professionals skim through different warehouses available in the market for leasing and get you the most affordable properties. We offer different kinds of affordable warehouse spaces in Coney Island like smart, bonded, cooperative, consolidated, etc. all of which are equipped with essential amenities.

At Corbett & Dullea, our focus remains on your specific needs. At first, our professionals get information to understand your requirements and then we present you the appropriate property listings. Our team is skilled in negotiation and brokerages a deal on your behalf. We are committed to finding you the best deals available in the market.

Our technology-driven market approach is unique, giving us access to all available commercial and industrial real estate in the location. With a good connection to local landlords, our networks run deep into the market. This helps us with finding you the best warehouses for lease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any good warehouse is secure and safe. It has ample space and is well designed for smooth movement.

A warehouse may offer amenities like a parking space, filtration systems, hydration systems, natural lighting, etc.

Leasing agreements require different details like the:

parties to the contract, definitions of the terms to be agreed upon, premises description, the rent amount, the term of leasing, the deposit, utility included parking space, taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. 

The average size of a warehouse is 25,000 square feet. However, you can get a warehouse that is smaller or larger depending upon your need for storage.

Yes, Corbett & Dullea strives to get you the best prices you can get in monthly rents.

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