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Warehouse Space for Rent Bronx, NY

Warehouse Space For Rent Bronx

Affordable Rents Guaranteed for Industrial Spaces in the Bronx.

Are you seeking affordable rentals for industrial spaces in New York? Need a spacious property with all essential facilities to suffice your business needs? The Bronx has just what you seek. Find the perfect warehouse space for rent in the Bronx with Corbett & Dullea Real Estate; flexible lease terms and affordable monthly rent guaranteed! 

The Bronx: Explore the Neighborhood

After Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Bronx is the most populous borough in the state of NY. It is bounded by Westchester County, Manhattan across the Harlem River, and Queens across the East River. The borough is known for its affordable offerings in commercial real estate including industrial buildings and warehouse spaces. The monthly rent is significantly lower than the other boroughs, especially Manhattan and Brooklyn. 
In recent years, several old industrial yards have been developed and converted into warehouse spaces, available as single units or shared properties for storage purposes. Restaurant and retail businesses, along with studios and galleries, keep their eyes on the stand-alone warehouse space for rent in the Bronx, converting it into hip entertainment or shopping centers. 

So, whether you need a warehouse for industrial purposes or other business needs, there are multiple options to explore across the neighborhoods in this borough. 

Warehouse Listings by Corbett & Dullea

When looking for commercial properties or industrial buildings in the Bronx, Corbett & Dullea is the best real estate guide you can have by your side. We take pride in having the most listings in the area, covering all the neighborhoods. Our realtors are well connected in the borough to find you the perfect warehouse in the best location, ensuring that the space is equipped with all the necessities. 

Under warehouse space for rent in the Bronx, we include:

  • Public and private warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Storage units
  • Consolidated spaces
  • Smart warehouses 

Stand-alone units and smaller spaces that can be converted for retail or small business needs are also available in our listings. Give us a call, and we will walk you through our offerings down to the minute details.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have hundreds of listings with diverse options and facilities. If your requirements include loading docks, then we will find your space accordingly. 

The properties that we list have adequate fire safety measures with proper credentials to attest to the same. You can get it checked yourself when visiting the warehouse before renting. 

Warehouses have standard security reinforcements where you have the liberty to increase once you take possession. We can make necessary negotiations with the property owner. 

If that’s a priority in the list of requirements you are looking for in warehouse space for rent in the Bronx, then we will present you with properties that come with office spaces. 

Our listings include mini-warehouses as small as 500 square feet, equipped with standard amenities and security. 

Properties in New York City

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