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Find the Perfect Office Space for your Medical Practice in Westchester

Unable to find a medical office space for rent in Westchester, NY? We can be the ones that make a difference in your quest for the perfect property. Corbett & Dullea Real Estate has hundreds of property listings under medical facilities and medical buildings in the county, all compliant with the healthcare regulations for you to explore. Give us a call to find a clinic on rent that’s within your budget. 

Renting a Medical Office Space in a Westchester Neighborhood 

Finding a medical office space for rent in Westchester, NY is nothing close to a generic search for commercial property. There are specific amenities to seek, not to mention, the building or the single unit property has to be compliant with healthcare regulation set under the NYC state law. One cannot turn any property into a healthcare facility. Owing to such complexities, it is best if you collaborate with an experienced real estate agent on your search for a medical office in the county. 
Why choose Westchester?

Opening a clinic in NYC boroughs especially in Manhattan and Brooklyn can be quite expensive. Thanks to its proximity to NY, Westchester offers lucrative opportunities but at a lesser rent. It is a thriving and welcoming community that has been growing rapidly through the years, presenting great prospects for medical professionals who want to start their own practice. 

Medical Office Space Listings by Corbett & Dullea 

When on the lookout for a reliable real estate partner in your search for medical office space for rent in Westchester, NY, no one fits the description better than Corbett & Dullea. We have both the experience and resources to find you the best properties on lease. Besides that our realtors come equipped with the knowledge and expertise to negotiate the best rental terms with the landlord on your behalf and get you flexible clauses.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Westchester County in NY is heavily populated, which makes it the perfect place to start a medical practice. With our neighborhood guidance, you are guaranteed a positive ROI. 

The medical office space for rent in Westchester, NY requires ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance to have the necessary amenities for patients who have restricted mobility. 

For any structural changes or renovations, you need to get permission from the landlord, along with an appropriate clause in the rental agreement. 

The choice between gross and net lease depends on your monthly rent budget. If you give us your price point, we can guide you in the matter. 

Our property listings covering medical listings have a wide price range. The rent usually depends on the neighborhood, the amenities, and other factors. 

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