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Live in the laid-back and mellow neighborhood of West Village.

Want a place in Manhattan, but prefer a spot “away from the maddening crowd”? We have the best properties for you in West Village, the neighborhood known for its tranquil and easy-going ambiance. The cobblestone streets and the canopy of trees give this place a European small-town feel, stark opposite to the hard-core New York City spirit. Call us today to find out more about the West Village apartments for sale.  

West Village: Serenity amid City Buzz

Cozy would be the perfect term to describe West Village. Flanked by SoHo, Greenwich Village, and Chelsea, this West Village is one of the most peaceful neighborhoods in Manhattan. The streets are lined by brownstone establishments, quite characteristic of this Downtown area. Compared to the adjacent neighborhoods, this one has lesser traffic and more greenery. There are some great gastropubs and cafes to lounge and have a quality time. 

The real estate market is quite diverse. West Village apartments for sale include walk-ups, and mid-rise properties with the characteristic brownstone architecture. It is a kid-friendly neighborhood with quality means for education. The nightlife is livelier than the daytime tranquility but, it remains mostly serene. The community is quite welcoming towards the newcomers, so settling in becomes easy as well.  

Shop for Real Estate with Corbett & Dullea

Since 2003, Corbett & Dullea has been leading the real estate scene in Manhattan with its unique customer-centric approach. We take pride in our ability to provide the clients with the best West Village apartments for sale. Our real estate agents keep track of the market trends and use their negotiation skills to give you the best property that fits your architectural and budgetary preferences. 

We have our legal team and financial experts to take care of the intricate details of property contracts and closure. It is a one-stop service for anyone looking either for their dream home to settle in or to make a real estate investment for future returns. Call us with your queries anytime, and we would be happy to be of your assistance.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Unlike most Manhattan neighborhoods, West Village comes with an air of serenity and calm devoid of the cacophony typical to the cityscape. 

West Village is perfect for families with kids. The neighborhood has minimum traffic and is safe for kids to bike and skate around.  

West Village apartments for sale include walk-ups, spacious apartments and doorman mid-rises.

West Village might be in Manhattan but is still quite secluded from the city noise and traffic. Its tranquility, access to good schools and friendly neighborhood make for the perfect ambiance to raise a family. 

West Village has multiple subway routes and is well-connected with the rest of Manhattan. 

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