How to find the perfect luxury condo in Long Island City

Long Island City condos for sale

With stunning waterfront views and clean-lined architecture, Long Island City is definitely the neighborhood where 19th-century charm mingles with an industrial chic feel. From lofts to state of the art luxury doorman condominiums to townhouses to brownstones and more, there certainly isn’t a shortage of exciting housing options in Long Island City. Luxury high-rise condos in Long Island combine modern design, stunning Manhattan skyline views, and luxurious amenities like an indoor lap pool, screening room, state-of-the-art fitness center, game room, entertainment lounge, and more. And these are just the basic amenities that you can likely expect because Long Island City condos for sale also have some pretty spectacular features other than these that might astonish you.

But, the question here is how you can find yourself the perfect luxury condo in LIC? Well, if you are searching for Long Island City condos for sale, then here are some tips that can aid you in finding yourself the perfect condominium in Queens’ coolest neighborhood, Long Island City. Dive in!

Know where to look for luxury condos in Long Island City

If you are trying to find Long Island City Condos for sale, it is crucial to look in the right place, both online and IRL. Discuss with your realtor what your ultimate wishlist is for your new home carefully listing all of your search criteria from your budget to ideal layout to preferred amenities to neighborhood. Also, while it might be tempting to just endlessly scour the internet, it’s even more important to check out all of your potential future dream homes in person to make sure those photos on the internet meet your real world expectations.

Create a realistic Wishlist

Whether you are buying a luxury condo as an investment, a pied-a-terre, or for your future generations, the first step is to make a list of what you expect in your new residence. Take some time to categorize your list into wants and needs and find the right realtor who can find you the ideal properties depending on your list of requirements. Prized properties in Long Island City go quickly so make sure your real estate agent has their finger on the pulse of the market so that you’ll always be the first buyer in the know.

Budget constraints

Although you may be able to afford to buy a luxury condo, that doesn’t mean you want to blow your entire fortune on it. You must calculate a realistic budget that you’re comfortable with and can afford. Analyze and compare the prices of different luxury condos in Long Island City, or talk with your real estate agent to establish a sensible budget for your dream condo.

What real estate company are you opting for?

The real estate market in Queens is quite competitive. Especially when you are searching for a luxury condo in Long Island City, the competition will be stiff and the market can be cut throat. To put yourself in the best position to find your ideal condo, it’s better that you go with an experienced, market savvy, hardworking real estate agent. The real estate company that you select must have a well-established presence in Queens and especially in Long Island City.

Do you want to get access to the best condos for sale in Long Island City? Then get in touch with the Long Island City real estate experts at Corbett and Dullea Real Estate now!

Finding The Perfect Queens Retail Space For Rent

Queens Retail Space For Rent

If you’re looking for a vibrant busy area in New York City for your next retail location, but don’t want to pay Manhattan prices then Queens might be the perfect retail location for you to set up shop. Queens has many busy commercial corridors with heavy foot traffic and very high visibility. Long Island City, Astoria, Jamaica, Bayside, and Flushing are just a few of the bustling neighborhoods that Queens has to offer with heavy foot traffic, lots of retail shoppers, excellent access to subway, and public transportation, and highly accessible parking too which is a rarity in New York City.

Want to be seen by thousands of motorists a day, then open up your new retail store on Queens Boulevard. Looking to open up your new restaurant  in one New York City’s most revered foodie neighborhoods then you can’t do better than the restaurant scenes in Astoria or Jackson Heights. The opportunity for a successful retail location in Queens are endless.

For generations, Queens has been romanticized as the epitome of thriving entrepreneurial ventures. Entrepreneurs continue to flock from around the globe to benefit from the vibrant economy and retail-friendly government initiatives. But, there is no denying that despite all the opportunities that Queens has to offer, setting up a retail HQ in Queens is daunting. However, with a little help from professional real estate experts, you can always find the best retail space for rent in Queens. Wondering how? Let’s find out!

Finding the right location

Queens isn’t a neighborhood comprising 10 or 20 blocks; it is an entire borough comparison of neighborhoods like Flushing, Long Island City, Astoria, Forest Hills, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights, Ridgewood, Bayside, etc. While some are well-known residential neighborhoods, others are the dream destinations for retailers who want to establish their brick-and-mortar presence in the market. The foot traffic and demographic makeup of an area are among the most important considerations when choosing a retail location. In the uber-competitive retail real estate landscape, professional realtors can aid you in finding the right area where you can find your potential prospects. With a detailed industry analysis and through an assessment of the business community, real estate companies can identify just the right location where your business can thrive and prosper.

A budget that suits your enterprise infrastructure

The retail real estate forefront can be very unpredictable and highly seasonable. While you set a frugal budget that works for your business throughout the year, qualified realtors can aid you in establishing a budget that you can comfortably afford from month to month. If you are trying to find retail space for rent in Queens within a distinct budget, real estate companies can get you commercial listings that belong in your budget and your idea of space, amenity, and location preferences.

Exclusive listings customized as per your business

One of the most important criteria for finding the perfect retail store location is that they typically need to find a place that sells out their products swiftly. There are spatial needs for breakrooms, stockrooms, bathrooms, offices, storage, and dressing rooms apart from the sales floors. Finding a retail establishment according to these requirements can be nearly impossible when you are searching for a place all on your own. However, the real estate experts at Corbett & Dullea have their finger on the pulse of the Queens retail space market, and so they can find you the perfect location from the exclusive real estate listings that you might not find anywhere.

The bottom line

Getting a retail space is often one of the biggest operating expenses for businesses. Even if you offer cutting-edge or highly sought products and services, your retail business in Queens can only ever be good as its physical location. Selecting the perfect retail space for rent in Queens is one of the most important decisions that your enterprise will make.

While a great location can’t guarantee success, it can certainly guarantee high-quality foot traffic and attract great employees. So call Corbett & Dullea and find properties that are located in desirable areas with modern amenities and convenient transportation options.

A step by step guide for finding apartments in Long Island City

In the varied real estate ecosystem of Long Island City, finding an apartment can be exhausting. Whether you are moving there for the breath-taking Manhattan skyline views, incredible waterfront parks, craft breweries, scenic surroundings, modern amenity filled condominiums,  architecturally stunning loft apartments, or the Michelin-starred restaurants, there’s little chance that an apartment will fall straight in your lap out of the blue. The first proactive step a buyer can take is opting for a real estate agency to help you find the perfect Long Island City apartments for sale. However, if you are going to buy an apartment, there are some things that you will have to keep in mind. These are listed as follows:

  • Budget

Real estate prices in Queens can vary widely. It’s crucial to determine your budget before you even start looking at apartment. A smart early step is to speak with a mortgage broker or a bank to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. This will let you know how much you’re qualified to borrow to purchase your Long Island City dream home. Once your budget is determined then it’s up to you and your real estate agent to ensure that you negotiate the best price possible for an apartment in a good location that has all the necessary perks.

  • Neighborhood

The next thing to consider is the neighborhood that you would like to live in. Do you want to live near your little one’s school, or do you want to live close to your workplace? Do you want a great view of the New York City skyline, or do you want a fabulous restaurant right outside your door? Consider all the location-oriented factors and pick a place that has as many desirable things as possible.

  • Amenities

The next that you need to decide is the kind of apartment you want to live in. Your choice will become much easier if you figure out the amenities that you want to have in your building. Some important amenities include a gym, a pool, a screening-room, a children’s playroom, a resident lounge, a business center, a parking garage, a doorman and concierge.

  • Features

Just like how you want your neighborhood to have certain features, like a view of the East River you will have to be realistic about the features that you want in your apartment. However, understand that every feature comes with a price tag. To stay within your budget, list out the features in order of importance and identify the things that you cannot live without.

  • Professional help

Finally, you must find a knowledgeable and experienced real estate company that has an exceptional track record in finding apartments in Long Island City. You can ask people you trust for referrals or do some research online by going through the reviews and ratings to find reliable realtors. Qualified real estate agencies can quickly present you with a multitude of the top available apartment listings that can suit your needs.

Finding your apartment in Long Island City made easy

Working with the right realtor is an integral step in finding Long Island City apartments for sale.

The buying process starts with a consulting session with your real estate agent. They can guide you through the hills and valleys of the real estate market and find you your dream apartment that fit your budget and your wish-list of requirements. Instead of spending weeks or months trying to navigate the real estate market on your own, you can save yourself a lot of time, and money by working with an experienced real estate professional who can streamline your home search for you and furnish you with a customized list of apartment listings in Long Island City as per your personalized requirements. Call Corbett & Dullea now to find the perfect Long Island City apartment.

Need To Find A Great Retail Space? Then Hire A Great Commercial Real Estate Agent

Getting your shop offline is a huge step. You want to make sure that you select the perfect retail space to take your business to the next level with a brick and mortar location. Navigating the complicated market of retail space leasing can be a daunting task should you try to go it alone.  Finding the best Manhattan and New York City retail spaces for rent is a lot easier with help from an experienced commercial leasing agent. The type of store that best suits your business will depend on the type of business you have. Let’s look at some of the different types of spaces available.

1. Department Store

Department stores are extremely common because they are the most convenient options for our house multiple different products under one roof. These stores generally have a variety of products at different price ranges. The type of space required for such a store often needs to be a largely open layout that can be customized to your business’ optimal design. A real estate agency can help you find the perfect retail space for your business at the best possible price. And speaking of getting the best possible price, there has never been a better time to get a good deal for a retail store.

Loop layouts are also beneficial for such stores. It allows customers to quickly browse through the different products your store has to offer. This makes shopping a quick, convenient, and enjoyable experience for your customers.

2. Warehouse Stores

A warehouse store may not be that common in Manhattan, but you’ll see a lot of them in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. These stores sell a variety of different stock in bulk, and at a steep discount. Generally, the layout of these stores may differ. Oftentimes the stores have a herringbone layout where the columns are organized on either side of the main aisle. There are small walkways that break away from the aisle in between the large columns. For this layout, you may require a mid-sized to large retail space. Sometimes a traditional retail store houses a “Warehouse Store. However as the name belies it’s very common to transform a traditional industrial warehouse into a retail store, hence the name “Warehouse Store”. Corbett & Dullea is very active in the retail market and the warehouse market, and in this cross hybrid category of Warehouse Stores.

3. Supermarkets

Who doesn’t love a great supermarket? Your local supermarket truly is a staple of any neighborhood or town. From large chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to small specialized and organic markets the supermarket landscape is highly diverse. If you’re a business owner into high scale retailing, you may want to open up a supermarket in Manhattan.  These stores consist of a large departmentalized segment. They provide a variety of food and non-food options! Supermarkets have a grid layout with staple products being set up around the walls. The promo products are set up in columns in the middle. The customers have the choice of moving along the walls or in between the promo isles. This layout requires a lot of space because there are so many different products to display and sell.

Manhattan being an intense urban area, may not offer such large spaces easily. That’s why contacting a real estate company gives you an advantage. The catalogs that these companies have are very detailed. Agents will know exactly where you can set up your shop!

We recommend contacting a real estate agency for Manhattan Retail Spaces for Rent. You can get amazing deals from our catalog. Corbett & Dullea gives you a list of options of spaces that are available for being rented.  We also focus on negotiation to get you the best deal in the city! Set your business up in the heart of New York’s administrative district with us!

Find NYC Real Estate Agents Near Me

Buying a new home is the biggest and most important decision that most people will ever make, and the first thing you should do is to hire an experienced knowledgable real estate agent to help you with your search. Hiring a good broker will end up saving you a lot time and money in the end. Today’s highly competitive real estate market moves very fast and you want to give yourself every advantage on closing a deal when you finally find the home of your dreams. If you’re ready to go out and find the home you’ve always wanted then now’s the time to call Corbett & Dullea

Whether you’re looking for a condo, brownstone, house, or multi family we can help you hit the ground running in your search for a new home.

1. Source the best properties with a qualified real estate broker

Corbett & Dullea will quickly assemble a list of the top available properties on the market that can work for you, and will also keep you updated as to the newest listings on the market that match your search criteria. Once you’ve reviewed your list of properties, your real estate agent will schedule tours of your top choices to view properties in person.

2. Real estate companies negotiate on your behalf

Negotiation is often a very intricate process. Negotiating a deal requires a certain level of experience and the ability to gauge the bottom line of the other side of the deal. This is why if you’re looking for a condo for sale in Manhattan, getting a professional negotiator is the best move you can make. The real estate agents at Corbett & Dullea are professional negotiators who have immense industry experience. They’ll strategically negotiate to help you get the best deal possible on the property you seek to buy.

3. Due Diligence

Real estate companies are premiers in the services that they provide. This scope of service encompasses all the requirements including making sure you perform the proper due diligence for your real estate sale or purchase. The contract of sale review for most New York City sales is normally performed by a real estate lawyer. If you need a lawyer Corbett & Dullea has a rolodex of great real estate lawyers who can guide you through your sale. Your real estate lawyer covers the task of reviewing and filing all the necessary documents like the contract of sale, a title search, offering plan review, and review of building financials. At Corbett & Dullea we’ll make sure your legal interests are covered.

4. Ethical Consideration

Real estate companies employ agents with proper certifications. They have a strong code of ethics and are registered to the National Association of Realtors. Even though all realtors do not need to be registered to the same, the ones who do, have an extremely strong code of ethics. They abide by all the particular policies and frameworks and have a code of ethics that guides them. These agents are extremely trustworthy.

We recommend you contact a real estate agency to find the perfect property for yourself.

Real estate companies online offer a range of services from negotiation to sourcing out the best house and deal for you. It allows you to take the stress off of yourself for searching for a property. While buying a condo for sale in Manhattan legal aid is mandatory. You may not know all the legal codes of ethics and conduct but, Corbett & Dullea does. They are committed to providing a seamless process that enhances your experience. They strive to deliver the best outcome to you by using the latest technology for our research. And their agents are committed to keeping themselves updated. Contact them to get a property in Manhattan!