Find the Perfect Midtown Office Space

If you really want to put your business on the map then there’s no better step you can make than by opening your office in Midtown, Manhattan. Midtown has long been the central business corridor of New York City.  Every block is filled with bustling office buildings, great restaurants, bars, and cafes, and you’re never more than a block or two from the subway. With so many iconic and brand name companies calling Midtown home this neighborhood might just be the KING OF THE NYC OFFICE MARKET!!

Are you trying to start a new business or looking for a space to set up your office’s new branch? Accommodation of all the goods and your staff would need a proper space for things to work in an organized manner. But where to find one? What do you need to look out for? The search does not need to be exhausting. So, we attempt to give you a few pointers that will make the hunt for your midtown office space a piece of cake.

The market today is highly competitive. You would need to stand out and expand your business venture. Imagine carrying out your work from the heart of New York City and commuting to different places. Well, this does not need to be a dream. Proper planning beforehand will save you time and regret.

So, let’s look at a few things that would come in handy as you plan to set up your office:

  • Your Crowd

A midtown office space will be no surprise in bringing a boom to your sales. You would need to prepare yourself for the visits from various pedestrians to customers. However, your office must fit in with the New Yorkers and the city. You must keep your crowd in mind while you carry out your work and provide satisfying services.

  • Accessibility and Commutation

In addition to realizing your crowd, you would need to look for ways to cut your costs to maximize your services. How? Your office should be accessible to both your customers and your staff. Manhattan places itself to be a good choice with an extensive subway system in New York easing both accessibility and commuting services.

  • Location

Why a midtown space? Well, your location covers a lot of the setbacks. Imagine your office far from the city; the cost of transportation, commutation, and the exposure that your business will miss out on. An office in midtown will attract both customers and employees for you.

  • Infrastructure

If you are on a budget and want to rent a midtown office space that is a great option too. But you will have to look out for the interior, space, the number of rooms, and the facilities you can avail in the building.

  • Visibility

An office in midtown Manhattan is a win-win for you and your business. It will bring your office’s existence to the forefront. New Yorkers will see you and reach you for the services or even for employment!

Looking for a space to set up your office? Who to contact to get the best one? Corbett & Dullea Real Estate has a curated search for your office. Time is money and this service will help you save both. So, if you want to narrow down the search for office space according to your criteria, this is the right service for you. You get a customized search and the best space at reasonable rates. So, what’s holding you back? Go ahead, and create your dream office.

Manhattan’s residential sales market rebounds strongly

Manhattan’s residential real estate market bounces back stronger than ever after values plunged during Covid. Never bet against Manhattan because Gotham’s real estate market has once again come back to reach new heights after being ravaged during the height of the Covid epidemic and lockdowns.  And if the luxury market is any indicator it’s not likely to slow down any time soon as luxury properties in Manhattan just recorded another record shattering quarter.

Manhattan and its culture

The area needs no introduction of its own. Manhattan has all the necessary amenities to make your living experience top-notch. With a dense-urban feel and a plethora of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, Manhattan puts you right in the middle of a trendy lifestyle. If you’re looking to shift here, you should have no second thoughts about it. The best real estate firms out there can help you find an apartment that matches your needs. How do these firms work and what can they do to help you?


With a plethora of residential listings, online real estate firms have a vast network of properties that you can select from. Whether you need a low-key apartment that’s tucked away from the cacophony, or an apartment overlooking the New York skyline, these firms can get it all for you.

Technology Driven approach

In a world that’s evolving, we often find ourselves short of time. This is where real estate firm steps in. Using a technology-driven approach they update their listing every day. It helps you get access to numerous properties at the tip of your fingers. Drinking your afternoon coffee? Skim through top-tier listings and take your pick. Details like property description, size, and cost, are all provided on the websites! Finding the best Manhattan residential properties becomes easier this way.

Experienced and professional agents

The best online real estate firms have the best real estate agents. These agents are highly experienced and have been in business for a long time. They specialize in sourcing out the best properties that fit your needs. Drop your contact details and a personal message, and they’ll get in touch with you right away.


Purchasing a new property involves quite a lot of paperwork. A leading online real estate firm takes care of that for you. They ensure that all the legal requirements are in order and the finer details are ironed out. These firms also negotiate the cost of the apartments on your behalf to get you the best deal available!

It’s recommended you check out Corbett & Dullea Real Estate, a leading real estate firm in New York. Manhattan is a brilliant place to own a property or to move into. It’s perfect for those of you who like to make real estate investments as well. Manhattan is one of the most desirable locations in NYC. That’s why it’s tough finding apartments here. This is where this company can help you. Go online now and check their website for the best properties available!

A Guide to the Financial District’s Top Office Buildings

The Financial District  –  FiDi  –  Wall Street  –  Lower Manhattan  –  Downtown  –  This iconic Manhattan neighborhood goes by many names and is an international business destination. If you’re looking for a new office in New York City then you’ll definitely want to strongly consider The Financial District as your company’s new office space headquarters. FiDi is the ultimate synthesis of location, value, and quality & quantity of office availability. When you compare the average price per square foot of Class A office buildings in The Financial District to Midtown you’ll find a significantly lower price per square foot in FiDi than in Midtown

Aside from low prices and strong inventory there are also many other great reasons to choose Lower Manhattan to set up your new office space, in particular it’s access to more subway lines and public transportation than any other neighborhood in New York City. Geographically The Financial District is at the bottom of the city and is it’s southern most point, and it’s here that almost every major MTA subway line converges making it the ultimate commuter destination giving you and your staff a quick and easy commute to get to work each day.

Nothing could be better than setting up an office in the financial district of Manhattan itself. The reason seems obvious but you can still ask why? Listing itself as a city of huge economic and commercial importance, you may find it difficult to search for the top office buildings that would cater to your needs.  Worry not! We will guide you step by step to find the perfect office space in the financial district, Manhattan.

The financial district houses some of the offices and headquarters of the major financial institutions of the city- the New York Stock Exchange (largest stock exchange in the marketing world) and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  New York City has consecutively made it to the news as a leading economically powerful kernel of the world. So, an office in the financial district is a victory for you.

Let’s dig into the steps for the search right away!

Know Your Budget

Before you embark upon your search for office space in the city, keep in check your budget closely. The financial district is included in the Manhattan Community District 1. So, buying a space for your office may be on the expensive side. However, look at it as an investment since establishing a workplace in the financial district comes with several advantages- exposure, accessibility, customers, and whatnot. Even if you can’t buy one, you can find office space for rent in Manhattan. 

Purpose of the Office

Your purpose will decide what kind of building would be the best for you. If you have a few staff, then a small to medium space will be enough. But, with office essentials and a large number of members you would want a larger space for movement and work. So, step back, think, plan and then decide.


The infrastructure of the building will add to the overall appeal of your office. On top of that, the interior and the structure will also decide how you will organize your office; where will your desk be, how will you divide the cabins, and such. You will also have to look out for basic provisions of the washroom, canteen, and proper power supply.

Look for Advertisements

To know of the best, you will need to look out for advertisements. These will provide you with the details of the suitable top office buildings for you.  However, make sure the sources are reliable and trustworthy. A real estate service will recommend to you an organized list of office space for sale in Manhattan that matches your requirements.

Review of the Building

Newspapers, online sites, or even googling can help you to find reviews of the buildings. You can analyze on your own and if that’s too much work for you just contact the best real estate service in Manhattan.

Get in contact with a Real Estate Agent

Yes, this is the most important step to set up the perfect office space in the top buildings of Manhattan. Contact Corbett & Dullea Real Estate for the proper guidance and assistance that will help you make the clear and right choice.