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The Ultimate Soho Office Building List
Soho Office Building List

SoHo is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood that offers all the modern amenities,  including courtyards and roof terraces. Many innovative organizations, such as media  agencies, creative agencies, artists, film and television production firms, and various  other creatives call it home. 

There are many options for office space in SoHo Manhattan. Some buildings include  retail or gallery space which can be converted into coworking spaces. There is a large  variety of floor plans to choose from, including open floor plans and private offices. The  neighborhood offers various amenities such as rooftop decks, conference rooms, mail  services, bike storage, coffee bars, kitchens with microwaves and fridges, phone booths  for privacy calls or conference calls, and common areas that can be used for informal  meetings. Many locations also have private lounges that are perfect places to hold  retreats or focus groups outside of the office environment. 


104 – 110 Greene Street

The SoHo Building, at 110 Greene Street, is a one-of-a-kind office building that caters to creative and cutting-edge businesses. The Greene Street station at the heart of SoHo has access to the city’s best shopping, dining, and nightlife, as well as 11 subway lines. 110 Greene Street is a 13-story Class A office building with four exposures and frontages on both Greene and Mercer Streets in the SoHo area.

The Mercer Street building was completed in 1908, and the Greene Street building in  1920, both built by Charles “Broadway” Rouse, a prominent New York City merchant.  The SoHo Building was formed by merging these two structures years later. The SoHo  Building is a rare early skyscraper in the cast iron district, with spectacular vistas and  unrivaled natural light on its higher levels. The structure has high ceilings, open floor  plans, and historic features throughout.

The SoHo Cast Iron Historic District, the world’s largest surviving collection of cast iron  structures, was reclaimed from light industrial and warehouse usage in the 1950s and  1960s by the artists affiliated with Pop and Abstract movements in American Art.

The area changed as galleries migrated to Chelsea, with fashionable boutiques, cutting edge industries, and elegant hotels arriving to complement the thriving arts scene. The  term “SoHo effect” is used to describe the restoration of a compact, older area in or  near a city’s center.  

Studios and lofts with exposed ceilings, gleaming concrete floors, large windows with spectacular  architectural features. This wonderful business location in the heart of Soho’s finest stores and restaurants benefits from panoramic views and old-world charm.

The building contains a distinguished list of architectural, engineering, fashion, design, and marketing companies. This fifteen story first – class office space for lease, which is located in SoHo Manhattan and has recently been renovated lobbies and elevators as well as full-time  security and 24-hour access.

270 Lafayette Street

599 Broadway – SoHo International Arts Center

The SoHo International Arts Center,  which is located at 599 Broadway in  Midtown South and was originally built in 1917 before being renovated in the 1980s, is a headquarters for arts organizations. The SoHo office building, situated between Prince Street and Houston Street along an active pedestrian thoroughfare with numerous retail businesses and eating places, is highly appealing to creative business tenants in industries such as media, publishing,  fashion, and coworking.

At 600 Broadway, you’ll find the SoHo International Arts Center, which features 120,000  square feet of Class B SoHo office space on 12 floors. ABC Realty owns and manages  the condominium office building, which has over 30,000 square feet of retail area.

Office rooms at 599 Broadway have big ceilings and huge windows with breathtaking  views of the SoHo submarket. The lobby is attended, with plenty of natural light and city  views on all four sides; as well as easy access to public transportation.

Since the 1920s, the same owners have operated and owned this 17-story first-class  office structure in the middle of Hudson Square/SoHo West’s market. Building tenants  enjoy a just completed, comprehensive restoration program that included a new lobby,

common areas, and restrooms. It was constructed in 1990 and is located on the corner  of Huron Street and Third Avenue, near Bryant Park.

The structure includes a high-speed elevator as well as an owner management office  onsite. This SoHo space for lease has 329,116 square feet of space and 108 different  units in all. Houston Street with the 1 and 2 subway lines is close by; Spring Street  station serves the A, C, and E trains; while Prince Street terminal serves both N, Q, R,  and W trains.

180 Varick Street

610 Broadway

This brand new, open SoHo office space offers exposed ceilings and polished concrete floors with side core construction over an efficient footprint. The building’s boutique attended lobby features sleek black card-access systems and modern finishes. Located in NoHo / SoHo (just north of Houston between Crosby and Broadway), the building is right by a B, D, F, M, and 6 train stop making travel across the city quick and simple. The garage has abundant parking for tenants as well. Full floor or divided.

This isn’t a skyscraper. It’s a structure that understands its place and wishes you to come inside. The original bones of 60 Charlton, including the classic ground-level brick façade, were preserved with a complete gut renovation, and it remains in keeping with its old-world surroundings.

A hybrid approach was used to build a glass box to float on top of the existing building, featuring 14-foot ceilings and roof terraces for modern usage adaptation. It’s where creative and inventive firms come  looking for new premises.

60 Charlton Street

38 Greene Street

This SoHo office space atop Greene Street, a block that has developed into one of the most buzzed-about areas in Midtown South and SoHo, sits a nine-story mixed use building. The site is appropriately positioned in the center of it all and is convenient to the A, C, E, N, R, Q and J subway lines. The French Riviera is now home to several scorching-hot storefronts, including Dior Homme, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co., and Warby Parker.

The demand for retail space on this sought-after block has been percolating for the past several years, and the office space market has also gotten extremely tight. The entire 4th floor at 38 Greene Street is a must-see for fashion or TAMI tenants, with a restricted amount of supply in the region.

The loft, located at 9400 rentable square feet, has brand new hardwood floors, exposed  brick walls, and high ceilings. It also benefits from extra-large windows and dual  exposures because it occupies the intersection of Grand Street and Greene Street. The  lobby, elevators, and building façade are all being renovated as an added benefit. This  is an excellent space to rent in SoHo.

1 Hudson Square, which was named by the BOMA as International Renovated Building of the Year, is located at 1, A and C line Canal Street station in Manhattan. A multimillion-dollar renovation resulted in cutting-edge infrastructure, a triple bay entrance with marble lobby, new windows and extra elevator cabs and mechanicals that complement 24/7 tenant access and security.

37,179 to 80,775 RSF are large open areas that are extremely versatile and well suited  for the creative services, media and publishing companies who have recently relocated  to Hudson Square. The views of the Hudson River to the west, TriBeCa and the  Financial District to the south, and east over lower Manhattan provide a sweeping  panorama.

1 Hudson Square

345 Hudson Square

The entire block between King and Charlton Streets is home to the 10-story, 980,000- square-foot building at Hudson Street. The property is close to the no. 1 Houston Street  subway station and Hudson River Park in the heart of Hudson Square, making it  conveniently accessible for media and communication tenants. Viacom, CBS, Google,  Hines & Daniel Wellington are among the notable businesses based there.

Located between Watts Street, Broome Street, Canal Street and Greene street. The  east side of the block is occupied by the New York City Criminal Court building. The  west side of the block is occupied by Jefferson Market Library and Westbeth Apartment  Complex which includes a branch of St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center.

The intersection of Prince and Spring Streets, in the middle of SoHo Manhattan, is known as Wooster. This historical landmark area has become the most popular focal point for downtown cultural activity, offering a perfect integration of retail, business, and residential properties.SoHo has a wide range of amenities, from its world-famous museums to elegant restaurants, boutiques, and shops.

The neighborhood is also home to dozens of architectural, publishing, advertising and  public relations firms; several European and American design showrooms; as well as  many traditional office tenants who have sought out the particular atmosphere that  SoHo has to offer.

120 Wooster Street

Now if you’ve wondered to yourself just how many office buildings are there in Soho?  Then here is the answer to your question, with the ultimate comprehensive list of office  buildings in Soho. If you’d like any additional information on any of the offices in these  buildings or if you’d like to arrange a tour then just let us know. Now without further ado  here is the ULTIMATE SOHO OFFICE BUILDING LIST!!

  • 104 – 110 Greene Street – 270 Lafayette Street – 180 Varick Street
  • 225 Varick Street – 200 Varick Street – 121 Varick Street
  • 129-131 Varick Street – 175 Varick Street – 1 Hudson Square 333
  • Hudson Street – 625 Broadway – 483-485 Broadway
  • 145 Avenue of the Americas – 43-49 Bleecker Street – 65 Bleecker Street 424
  • 426 Broadway – 428 Broadway – 434 Broadway
  • 446 Broadway – 447 Broadway – 459 Broadway
  • 490 Broadway – 500 Broadway – 524 Broadway
  • 525 Broadway – 530 Broadway – 550 Broadway
  • 552-556 Broadway – 575 Broadway – 594 Broadway
  • 610 Broadway – 636 Broadway – 285 West Broadway
  • 473 West Broadway – 254-260 Canal Street – 261-267 Canal Street 202
  • Centre Street – 130 Greene Street – 110 Lafayette Street 161 Lafayette Street
  • 202 Spring Street – 315 Spring Street 40 Wooster Street – 51 Wooster Street
  • 76 Wooster Street 84 Wooster Street – 120 Wooster Street – 138 Wooster Street
  • 155-157 Wooster Street – 101 Avenue of the Americas – 462 Broadway
  • 545 Broadway – 568-578 Broadway – 580 Broadway
  • 584-590 Broadway – 599 Broadway – 628 Broadway
  • 648 Broadway – 650 Broadway – 665 Broadway
  • 676 Broadway – 484-490 Broome Street – 6 Greene Street 116 West Houston Street
  • 325 Hudson Street – 148 Lafayette Street 201-203 Lafayette Street
  • 324 Lafayette Street – 411 Lafayette Street 52 Mercer Street
  • 166 Mercer Street – 68-70 Spring Street 54 Thompson Street
  • 264 Canal Street – 89 Crosby Street 166 Crosby Street
  • 62 Grand Street – 42-44 Greene Street  34 Howard Street
  • 48 Howard Street – 30 Van Dam Street  120-124 Walker Street
  • 121 Wooster Street – 155 Avenue of the Americas – 161 Avenue of the Americas
  • 255 Canal Street – 269 Canal Street – 271 Canal Street
  • 60 Charlton – 2 Crosby Street – 37 Crosby Street
  • 43 Crosby Street – 38 Greene Street – 72-76 Greene Street
  • 100 Crosby Street – 609 Greenwich Street – 200 Hudson Street
  • 205 Hudson Street – 250 Hudson Street – 330 Hudson Street
  • 345 Hudson Street – 375 Hudson Street – 395 Hudson Street
  • 123-127 Lafayette Street – 167-177 Lafayette Street – 200 Lafayette Street
  • 363 Lafayette Street – 510-518 Laguardia –  Place 32 Mercer Street
  • 130 Mercer Street – 67-73 Spring Street -72 Spring Street
  • 75 Spring Street – 96 Spring Street – 138-142 Spring Street
  • 233 Spring Street – 160-170 Varick Street –  415 West Broadway
  • 64-68 Wooster Street – 65-67 Greene Street – 495 Broadway
  • 39-41 Wooster Street – 69 Mercer Street


  • 33 Bond Street

And there you have, The Ultimate List Of Soho Office Buildings. 

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